Preventative Services

Pine Bush Equine Services and Veterinary Hospital places a strong emphasis on preventive care for all of our equine patients. Routine vaccinations, health monitoring, parasite control and dentistry are key aspects to the general health and wellness of your horse. Staying on top of the routine maintenance of your horse can catch small problems before they become large, potentially life threatening, issues later.


Regular preventive dental care every 6 months to one year helps support your horse’s overall health and wellbeing.

  • Comprehensive dental exams
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Power Teeth Floating
  • Reduce Sharp Enamel Points & Canines
  • Create Bit Sits
  • Correct Misalignments

Vaccines and vaccine protocols are tailored to our practice and geographic location, and follow the guidelines of the AAEP.

  • Encephalomyelitis (Eastern & Western)
    Recommended: Twice a year
  • Tetanus Toxoid
    Recommended: Once a year
  • Rabies
    Recommended: Once a year
  • West Nile Virus
    Recommended: Twice a year; Problem areas: 2-4x a year
    Horses traveling to FL should be boostered 2 weeks prior
  • Rhinopneumonitis
    Recommended: Traveling horses – Every 3 months; Non-traveling horses – Twice a year
    Pregnant Mares – 3, 5, 7 and 9 mths from breeding date
  • Influenza
    Recommended: Traveling horses – Every 3 months; Non-traveling horses – Twice a year
  • Potomac Horse Fever (PHF)
    Recommended: Once a year
  • Strangles
    Recommended: Once a year
Parasite Control

Recently there has been an emergence of resistant parasites. It has become very important to monitor the parasite burden of each horse and create a customized strategy for parasite management at the farm. No longer can horse owners rely on following a cookie cutter deworming strategy. Protocols must be based on age and medical history of the horse as well as the number of horses per acre and the pasture conditions including whether pasture rotation is performed. Treatment plans are based on this information along with knowledge of local parasitic resistance and fecal exams including fecal egg counts.

For a new horse with an unknown deworming history, please contact us.

Other Preventative Services

  • Coggins testing and Health Certificates
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Senior Horse Care
  • Behavior Analysis