Internal Medicine Services

The Pine Bush internal medicine department is staffed by renowned experts in equine disease, and supported by a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced equipment for providing diagnosis and supportive care.

We are fully prepared to diagnose and treat even the most unusual diseases and ailments encompassing neurological, gastro-intestinal, vascular and respiratory problems. Our diagnostic tools include a full in-house laboratory, video endoscope, ultrasound, radiographs, and Nuclear Scintigraphy.

Treatment capabilities are far reaching and include the latest and most effective pharmaceuticals. Our facilities include stall side monitoring with cameras 24/7. We offer climate controlled stalls for cases that require this level of care. Some examples of typical hospital cases include: colic, pneumonia, peritonitis, neonatal foal care, laminitis, fever, ophthalmic (eye) problems, cardiac conditions and pregnant mare monitoring.